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Current advances in OSL strategies and the event of single-grain dating capabilities have now allowed fluvial deposits, and other deposits generally stricken with incomplete zeroing of the luminescence sign, to be dated. Just over a quarter of youth in a current or recent relationship said that they skilled some type of cyber dating abuse victimization in the prior 12 months, with females reporting extra cyber dating abuse victimization than males (notably sexual cyber dating abuse). For ladies, acceptability of violence moderated the relationship between dating violence victimization and relationship satisfaction solely. For males, acceptability of violence moderated the connection between dating violence victimization and the mental well being problems of depression, anxiety, and somatization. Victims had considerably larger scores on depression, anxiety, somatization, interpersonal sensitivity, hostility, and international severity index than nonvictims. The bi-directional index of violence was 94.7% in the instances investigated. The present study due to this fact investigated dating infidelity in a extra collectivist, predominantly Muslim culture. In doing so, the position of gender and infidelity historical past was additionally investigated in regard to attitudes and intentions toward infidelity. Degree of dedication to one’s major relationship is a major predictor of risk for infidelity.

The results show that interpersonal management is a vital predictor of psychological aggression. As a relatively new space of inquiry and intervention, adolescent dating violence will profit from a co-consideration of epidemiological and clinical research, in addition to a transfer towards randomized management trials to direct these applications that present constant positive impression across trials. Among the ostraca found by Cohen (1983, 1993a, 1993b) within the Upper Fortress show both historical Egyptian hieratic numerals and Hebrew words, which could match the above political picture. C date from Tell el-Qudeirat that might fit the Shishak marketing campaign is the destruction layer associated with the Middle Fortress, which also had a stable wall. The results indicate that the Upper Fortress was proba-bly destroyed by the Babylonian campaigns, as recommended by Cohen, though a 601/600 BCE histori-cal destruction date would match better than the choice 586 BCE possibility. This historical age fits somewhat higher with the calibrated radiocarbon date (charred cereal grains in a jar) for the destruction of the Upper Fortress than the year 586 BCE, the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem. In 609 BCE, Pharaoh Necho II moved the Egyptian army through Judah on his option to Mesopotamia to help the Assyrians towards the Babylonians. Perhaps the Upper Fortress was destroyed during these fierce battles between the Babyloni-ans and Egyptians in 601 or 600 BCE, perhaps punishing Johoiakim for changing alliance.

Comparing the Iron Age 14C dates from Sinai and Negev with those from Khirbet en-Nahas in the japanese Arabah Valley in Jordan (Levy et al. These chronological knowledge are most vital, showing the regional scale of Iron Age settlement and activities in north-eastern Sinai, the Negev Highlands and the jap Arabah Valley (Levy et al. Commercial activities. The pretreatment strategies that we primarily deal with are used to take away contaminant carbon from a spread of pattern varieties or to isolate a selected chemical fraction from a pattern prior to combustion/hydrolysis, graphitization, and subsequent AMS 14C measurement. This text summarizes the usage of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) for radiocarbon dating measurements. N2 – As an exploratory study of current immigrants’ uses of and experiences on gay geosocial dating platforms within the higher Copenhagen space, this chapter analyses profile texts on Grindr and PlanetRomeo, and provides voice to 10 recent immigrants who use these platforms.